Marvin Caplan Park

Who Was Marvin Caplan?

Marvin Caplan was a former neighborhood organizer, writer, and Civil Rights pioneer.  More information can be found about the life and work of Mr. Caplan in his Washington Post Obituary.

Park Naming and Dedication

Marvin Caplan Park is the small area bounded by Alaska Avenue, 13th and Holly Streets, NW. Until 2001, it was unnamed. Soon after Marvin Caplan’s death, the Geranium Street Neighborhood Watch and Neighbors, Inc. petitioned the City Council to name the park in memory of him.

The bill was introduced by then Councilmember Adrian Fenty land was cosponsored by then Chairperson Linda Cropp and five other Councilmembers. Then-Mayor Tony Williams signed DC Act 15-30 into law. The District's Department of Public Works maintains the park m.

In an effort to ensure Caplan’s legacy, a plaque was added to the park in 2017.

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