Board of Directors

Naima Jefferson, President

(202) 285-7523

[email protected]

Jackson Carnes, Vice President

(202) 316-3537

[email protected]

Paula Edwards, Treasurer

(202) 882-6005

[email protected]

John Folger, Membership Secretary

(202) 722-4508

[email protected]

Pati Griffith, Recording Secretary

(202) 829-7780

[email protected]

Yvette Pearson, At Large Delegate


John Goodloe, At Large Delegate


Micah Salb, Delegates to the Federation of Citizens Associations

(202) 288-2536

June Confer, Delegates to Federation of Civic Associations

(202) 722-1461

jconf[email protected]


Mark Pattison, Past President

(202) 829-9289 

[email protected]