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Cordone.jpgBlumenthal.jpg Blumenthal, Cordone & Erklauer, PLLC (Successor to the Law Office of Blumenthal & Shanley established in 1982) is a law firm focusing on real estate litigation matters in the District of Columbia. 

Our practice includes a regular docket in DC Superior Court’s Landlord and Tenant Branch where our litigation attorneys represent residential and commercial property management companies, individual property owners, 

investors, developers, lenders, and cooperative associations.  Our litigators are experienced trial attorneys and negotiators whose ultimate goal is to achieve our clients’ objectives in a timely and cost-effective manner.

We have an active civil litigation practice before the DC Superior Court’s Civil Division and the DC Court of Appeals involving a wide spectrum of cases touching upon real estate interests.  We regularly represent lien holders and owners in tax sale and in post-foreclosure lawsuits, and parties in lease and/or title disputes, including the Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act (TOPA).

Our administrative practice includes frequent appearances before the Office of Administrative Hearings on Tenant Petitions and Infractions cases, as well as contested Landlord Petitions, and representation of Housing Providers before the DC Rental Housing Commission.

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