Yard Sale


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Since 2002, the SPCA has sponsored DC's largest yard sale, which covers Shepherd Park, Colonial Village, and North Portal Estates. It is a relatively informal event that offers residents an opportunity to sell various household goods from their homesites or at a local community area. To make sure it's a success, we set the date, advertise it, put up "Yard Sale" yard signs, register vendors, and produce an online vendor map. 

Typically, the SPCA Annual Community Yard Sale occurs in late spring to early summer and is hosted solely by the SPCA. This past year, the SPCA proposed partnering the Yard Sale with a neighboring organization such as Takoma or Brightwood, which would encourage the exchange of shared experiences and facilitate the future collaboration of common initiatives. During the summer of 2019, the SPCA ventured with the Brightwood Civic Association (BCA) to jointly host a larger-scaled community yard sale --- the SPCA Board purported the opportunity to minimize expenses and maximize volunteer resources. Additionally, the yard sale date was changed to September 7 and 8, which also addressed modifications to the SPCA programming schedule.

The SPCA has created Tips for Success that provide useful details in preparing for the yard sale.

Sellers. Join your neighbors in selling your old and new things. You can sell in front of your home or at Shepherd Elementary School, at the corner of 14th Street and Kalmia Road NW.  To be a seller:

Buyers. Check this page for news and our online vendor map.

If you would like to learn more about the history of the SPCA Annual Community Yard Sale, please click here.