WETA Videos about Shepherd Park

Learn about the history of Shepherd Park! Shepherd Park was a featured community in the WETA Neighborhoods video series on TV 26. The director of those segments, Walter Gottlieb, grew up in Shepherd Park; he also produced a 30-minute video entitled "Shepherd Park: Past and Present, a celebration of one of Washington, DC's most unique neighborhoods."

The DVD is no longer available for purchase, but you can view some of the WETA segments online:

Here's a description of the video:

Shepherd Park: Past and Present
Produced for WETA TV, with partial funding from the D.C. Humanities Council.

A 30-minute profile of one of Washington, DC’s most unique neighborhoods – diverse, picturesque Shepherd Park. What began as an exclusively white community became one of the first truly integrated neighborhoods in the city – and the nation. This video celebrates Shepherd Park’s unique history and savors its vibrant present. Includes vignettes about Shepherd Elementary, Shepherd Park Library, Homes of Shepherd Park, Neighbors, Inc., Famous People of Shepherd Park, Churches & Synagogues, and Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

If Washington, D.C. has a storybook urban neighborhood, it has to be Shepherd Park.

A place where residents of diverse ethnic groups live in harmony on tree-lined streets named after trees and flowers, in charming houses dating back nearly 100 years.

Shepherd Park has a rich history. It was the first truly integrated neighborhood in Washington, D.C., thanks, in large part, to the vigilance of its black and white citizens. It has been home to Washingtonians from every walk of life, including politicians, journalists, authors, and everyday middle class people.

The vignettes and documentary tell the story of a unique neighborhood, through the eyes of the people who make it what it is.

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