Shepherd Park Neighborhood Email Group

You can follow the Shepherd Park neighborhood through the Shepherd Park neighborhood email group. The group is open to all and can be found at [email protected]. It was previously hosted on Yahoo!Groups, but was transferred to in October 2019 when Yahoo ended its hosting service.

Topics include community announcements, special events, meeting notices and summaries, home repair referrals, and much, much more.

This .io group is not affiliated with or sponsored by the Shepherd Park Citizens Association. Its current format was started by a neighbor in 2000 with the goal of providing a forum for neighbors to share practical information. The group has since become very popular and now has over 2,500 subscribers.

It is a lightly moderated group and members need to be on their best email behavior. In order to cut down on spam, all posts from new members are automatically put in moderated status. Pending messages are reviewed and approved several times a day. Members should review the group’s guidelines at: Civility and Common Sense on the Shepherd Park Email Group.

To join the Shepherd Park email group, you can subscribe at the [email protected] website, where you can edit your membership and search message archives. You can also join by sending a blank email message to the following address: [email protected]

Below are the rest of the email addresses for the group:

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