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    Board of Directors

    Micah Salb, President

    [email protected]

    Mark Pattison, Vice President

    [email protected]

    Paula Edwards, Treasurer

    [email protected]

    Kris Nelson, Membership Secretary

    [email protected]

    Pati Griffith, Recording Secretary

    [email protected]

    Joan Hoyte, At Large Member

    [email protected]

    Tomiko Burroughs, Delegate to the Federation of Civic Associations

    [email protected] 

    Immediate Past President, Jackson Carnes

    [email protected]

    Two At Large Positions are currently vacant

    Delegate to the Federation of Citizens Associations is currently vacant



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    Garden Tour Member

    Tickets to the Garden Tour for 2022 SPCA members can be reserved here.

  • Ericka S. Black, Realtor® Profile

    Ericka S. Black is a highly-recognized and sought-after residential & commercial REALTOR®. She constantly ranks in the Top 100 among agents within Coldwell Banker’s 30 Mid-Atlantic Region offices. She is accustomed to negotiating multiple-offer scenarios and is known by her clients as being energetic as well as patient, attentive, and transparent. Not only have Ericka’s high ethical standards been recognized by her clients, but her professionalism has also earned her high esteem amongst her peers and others. In 2019, Ericka was appointed by Mayor Muriel Bowser to the District of Columbia Real Estate Commission. This body of elected members helps to regulate real estate licenses and protect consumers by upholding the District of Columbia real estate license law.

    Ericka’s specialty is helping others, and she has always had a keen interest in real estate. She purchased her first home as a college student at North Carolina Central University. Using an aggressive saving strategy, Ericka and her husband, Anthonio, a DC native, invest in real estate to assist them with the high cost of living. She feels financially empowered by having real estate assets and wants others to experience the same liberation. Outside of real estate, Ericka loves spending time with family and friends, singing at church, traveling, educating people about personal finance, and supporting local charities and organizations.






    Ericka S. Black, Realtor®
    Licensed in DC | MD | VA
    Coldwell Banker Realty
    1617 14th Street NW
    Washington, DC 20009
    (202) 387-6180 office
    (202) 670-6677 mobile

    Website | E-Mail |Facebook | Instagram|LinkedIn| Twitter | Flowcode

  • Dr. Elizabeth Perry-Dodson

    Dr. Elizabeth Perry-Dodson has been practicing dentistry for over 30 years in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. She is continuing a family tradition of dentistry. Dr. Perry-Dodson received a B.S. and A.A. from George Washington University and graduated from the Howard University College of Dentistry in 1987. She has practiced dentistry for 35 years serving the community with professionalism and expertise in all phases of dentistry. She is a member of good standing in all dental societies. 









    Dr. Elizabeth Perry-Dodson
    7310 Alaska Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20012
    (202) 829-1226
    (202) 549-7911
    Patients make park in the driveway

  • Kuku's Beauty Supply

    Kuku’s Beauty Supply is a hair, beauty, cosmetics, and fragrance business that serves a diverse community in Washington, DC. We offer products that are designed to maintain the health and desired beauty of our customer’s skin and hair. At Kuku's Beauty Supply, we have the perfect combination of premium quality cosmetics, hair, beauty products, and fragrances for personal care that are tailored to meet your needs through our standard shopping practice.

    We provide exceptional customer service to enhance each and every customer's experience making them feel valued and beautiful.

    Kuku’s Beauty Supply
    7327 Georgia Ave NW
    Washington, DC 20012
    (202) 248-0343 store
    Website | E-Mail | Facebook | Instagram

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    ProFish Profile

    ProFish is the premier seafood company in the Washington metro area. We are dedicated to bringing our customers the finest, freshest, and safest seafood at the most competitive prices. Sustainability is the core of our business, and we demonstrate this commitment in everything we do.

    ProFish was founded in 1988 by our company president, Greg Casten, a restaurateur frustrated by the lack of high-quality fish in the marketplace. Casten brought on a partner, Timothy Lydon, who shared the same ideas and business philosophy. The company grew from there and hasn’t stopped.

    With a 15,000 square foot warehouse in Washington DC, we service over 2,500 accounts and maintain a fleet of 24 trucks and employ over 90 people.

    During the Covid pandemic, ProFish began selling directly to the public with its “Meet the Truck” option. Retail customers place orders online for weekly pickups at locations throughout the DMV. The Shepherd Park Christian Church was added as a pickup location in November 2020. Home delivery is also available.

    We welcome the opportunity to provide you with the best seafood and service in the business. And if you care about sustainability, you’ve come to the right place. To become a ProFish customer, simply click Register Here to sign up. Welcome aboard!

    1900 Fenwick St. NE
    Washington, DC 20002
    (202) 529-3003 office
    Website |E-Mail | Facebook | Twitter

  • Jason Cohen DC & MD Real Estate Agent

    Do you have real estate questions? Call your neighborhood agent, Jason Cohen!

    Jason understands the DC real estate industry from the ground up. An experienced local home builder, contractor, and business professional, Jason enjoys working with his clients to find opportunities they may not have considered in the jumble of the home buying and selling process. From his childhood in Silver Spring, Maryland, to 15 years in Columbia Heights/Park View and his present home with his family in Shepherd Park, Jason has always stayed involved as an active member of the DC community. He enjoys sharing his love and knowledge of the city’s diverse neighborhoods with longtime area residents and newcomers alike.  

    Understanding how home and community work together, Jason offers clients an insider perspective on maximizing their real estate investment. Whether searching for a new home, selling an existing home, or purchasing an investment property, Jason can identify the right fit for you and your budget!

    Give Jason a call with your real estate questions today!

    Jason Cohen
    DC & MD Real Estate Agent
    The Navigate Group at Compass
    (202) 957-6060 mobile
    (202) 386-6330 office
    Website | E-Mail | Facebook | LinkedIn



  • Morris Miller Wine & Spirits

    Since 1934, Morris Miller Wine & Liquors has been the go-to location for area residents looking for an exceptional selection of wine, beer and spirits since the end of Prohibition. Founded by local developer and former Shepherd Park resident Morris Miller, the store has been at the same location (and phone number) for almost 90 years.

    We are passionate about our legacy and make every effort to provide each and every customer with exceptional service by our friendly knowledgeable staff, offer the best wine selection in town from every major producing region in the world and offer super competitive prices. Our special relationships with distributors and importers allow us to procure rare and unique wines, beers, and spirits for our more discerning customers. We also offer periodic tastings of some of the highest quality wines, beers, and spirits in the world. A lot has changed since our first years. But one thing remains, our commitment to offering excellent products and services every day of the year.

    Morris Miller Wine & Spirits
    7804 Alaska Ave NW
    Washington, DC 20012
    (202) 723-5000 store
    Website | E-Mail | Facebook | Instagram

  • The National Conservatory of Arts

    Welcome to The National Conservatory of Arts—a community music school founded by pianist Jacqueline Banks. The School’s faculty and staff’s mission is to cultivate the musical potential in each student and foster a sense of musicianship and artistry. Whether you are beginning your musical journey, continuing a devoted practice and study, or rekindling a passion, we want to inspire your lifelong participation in music.

    For almost a decade, the faculty of National Conservatory of Arts has offered an environment where music can flourish in all its aspects, enriching the lives of students of all ages and cultural backgrounds. The belief that music is a fundamental part of human life is at the center of our philosophy and mission.

    Toward this end, the School offers varied and comprehensive opportunities to guide your study including: music for infants, music and art classes for young children, individual and group lessons for instrumentalists and singers of all ages, ensemble and performance opportunities, the high school certificate program, adult chamber music workshops, and evening and weekend concerts. Explore the offerings outlined in the pages that follow. Each is designed with the individual in mind, and each promotes musical growth—the development of knowledge, skills, and expressivity—within a vibrant, caring, and engaging school culture.

    National Conservatory of Arts
    4606 16th St NW, 3rd Floor
    Washington, DC 20011
    (202) 581-1043 ext 0 office
    Website| E-Mail | Facebook | Instagram

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    Annual Single Membership - 2023

    SPCA's Annual dues are $25 per person.  This page is for membership dues only.  For contributions, please go to our contribute page here.

    Please Note: SPCA is an IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Donations are deductible from Federal, DC or state taxes to the extent permitted by law. 


  • DC Urban Living Profile

    Keisha Streeter-Clark, Owner of DC Urban Living, is a longtime resident of Washington, DC, having lived in the Shepherd Park neighborhood with her family for over 15 years. “I’m excited that we have moved the DC Urban Living office to Shepherd Park! Living and working in the same neighborhood is a win for me. I have the opportunity to walk to work and greet my neighbors along the way. We want to fulfill the real estate needs of the Shepherd Park community and beyond.”

    DC Urban Living is a full-service real estate company centrally located in Washington, DC, and serves the surrounding metro area. Our realty services provide an effective representation of our client's interests in today’s complex real estate environment while leading with superior and empathetic customer service. Our ability to provide clients with a robust partnership through the depth of local market knowledge and expertise is evidenced by client loyalty and long-term relationships. We welcome you to the DC Urban Living experience.

    You can email owner Keisha Streeter-Clark directly at [email protected]

    DC Urban Living
    Keisha Streeter-Clark
    7304 Georgia Ave NW Suite 2
    Washington, DC 20012
    (202) 670-0185 mobile
    Website| Facebook | Instagram | Linkedin | Twitter

  • Ohev Sholom - The National Synagogue

    Ohev Sholom – The National Synagogue’s roots are traced back to a merger in 1958 between Ohev Sholom and Talmud Torah. In 1886, during the Administration of former President Grover Cleveland, a group of devout Russian immigrant Jews who fled the tyrannical rule of Czar Alexander III founded Ohev Sholom Congregation.  The first services were held on the second floor over Myer Fisher's clothing store on the 1100 block of Seventh Street, NW, Washington, DC. As Ohev Sholom grew, it moved to a location on Louisiana Avenue and then, on September 9, 1906, moved to a location at 500 I Street, NW, Washington, DC, where it remained for the next fifty years. 

    The nucleus of Talmud Torah was a group of twenty-eight families in Southwest Washington who conducted a daily minyan. The first group met in Isaac Levy's clothing store, called Levy's Busy Corner, on 4th Street, in the Southwest section of the district. After meeting temporarily in Samuel Kessler's home, the Congregation moved to a permanent site at 467 E Street, SW. Talmud Torah remained in that location for almost 50 years, until the Federal redevelopment program forced the Congregation to leave in the early 1950's. In 1958, Ohev Sholom and Talmud Torah merged, creating a congregation of more than six hundred families.  The congregation built a new synagogue at the current location on upper Sixteenth Street, NW, which was dedicated on November 27, 1960.

    Today, Ohev Sholom – The National Synagogue is an Orthodox congregation that is vibrant and deeply committed to traditional Judaism. It has approximately 350 family members and seeks to adhere to the teachings of the Torah in service of God.  Members span all ages, professions, and a wide variety of backgrounds. Their congregation is led by Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld and Maharat Ruth Friedman.  Both the leadership and congregation have been made history with Rabbi Herzfeld being the first rabbi to write the Torah in the United States; leading a Torah Parade through the Shepherd Park neighborhood in celebration of the dedication of the aforementioned Torah;  and Ohev Sholom being the first synagogue in the United States to hire a Maharat, an Orthodox female spiritual leader who teaches weekly classes, offers pastoral services and oversees the operation of their mikvah. Ohev Sholom welcomes singles and families, young and old, and they take extra effort to make Judaism special for children and teenagers.  A detailed history of Ohev Sholom can be found on the synagogue’s website.

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    Annual Events and Activities

    The SPCA sponsors many annual community events, including a picnic, yard sale, potluck dinner, and garden tour, as well as a Halloween parade.

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    Our Lady of Lebanon

    Our Lady of Lebanon is a Maronite Catholic Church. Maronites are members of an Eastern Catholic Church who practice in the West Syriac Antiochene Tradition, which dates from early Christianity. The Church takes its name from St. Maron, a Syrian hermit who lived in the 4th Century. His life of prayer and fasting plus his miraculous ability to heal both spiritually and physically led to many followers.  Histories of Our Lady of Lebanon in Washington DC, the Cedars of Lebanon, and the Maronites are on their website.  The church has an active religious education program which meets every Sunday for children from kindergarten to high school. Every year the church sponsors a number of social activities that are open to the public and all are invited to enjoy. Every September, Our Lady of Lebanon hosts a vibrant Lebanese Festival, which attracts guests from all over the region and offers freshly prepared Middle Eastern cuisine, Middle Eastern wares, and children’s activities, and was featured in 2019 on WJLA ABC 7.

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    SPCA-Boundaries.pngThe geographic boundaries of the Shepherd Park Citizens Association are all in Washington, DC and comprise of the following: 

    • Georgia Avenue NW on the east including all abutting properties on the east side of Georgia Avenue NW;
    • The north side of Aspen Street NW on the south;
    • Rock Creek Park on the west; and
    • The D.C.-Maryland border on the north.

    The boundaries correspond to Census Tract 16 and Voting Precinct 62. According to the 2018 U.S. Census Bureau's ACS data, the area includes 4,668 people and 1,530 households.

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    Shepherd Park Neighborhood Email Group (Shepherd Park Listserv)

    You can follow the Shepherd Park neighborhood through the Shepherd Park neighborhood email group. The group is open to all and can be found at [email protected]. It was previously hosted on Yahoo! Groups, but was transferred to in October 2019 when Yahoo ended its hosting service.

    Topics include community announcements, special events, meeting notices and summaries, home repair referrals, and much, much more.

    This .io group is not affiliated with the Shepherd Park Citizens Association or any other community organizations. Its current format was started by a neighbor in 2000 with the goal of providing a forum for neighbors to share practical information. The group has since become very popular and now has over 2,500 subscribers.

    It is a lightly moderated group and members need to be on their best email behavior. In order to cut down on spam, all posts from new members are automatically put in moderated status. Pending messages are reviewed and approved several times a day. Members should review the group’s guidelines at Civility and Common Sense on the Shepherd Park Email Group.

    To join the Shepherd Park email group, you can subscribe to the [email protected] website, where you can edit your membership and search message archives. You can also join by sending a blank email message to the following address: [email protected]

    Below are the rest of the email addresses for the group:

    Civility and Common Sense on the Shepherd Park Email Group

    From time to time, questions come up about the "rules" of the Shepherd Park email group. This email group was started in 1997 by Beth Allaben as an outgrowth of an
    informal group of Shepherd Park parents with young children. The group expanded to include all interested Shepherd Park neighbors in 1999 and in 2000 the group was
    formalized on (which later became Yahoo! Groups) with 70 members.

    Alex Kincannon joined Beth as a moderator in 2007 and the group transitioned to the  platform in 2019. Twenty-five years and 64,000 messages later, we have over 2000 members.

    Over the years, the following guidelines have been adopted based on discussions and consensus among the group members:

    • Post only information that is of direct interest to the Shepherd Park neighborhood
    • No commercial postings
    • No campaigning
    • Identify yourself in your posts (e.g., a first name and your street)
    • Think before you send

    Below are some further tips on using the email group:

    • Is your message useful, pertinent, or interesting specifically to residents of Shepherd Park? Is it something that should be addressed to the 1300+ members of the email group or is it really intended for one or two recipients?
    • Is the purpose of the message relevant to the community in a non-commercial and non-political way? Our agreed-upon exception to this guideline is if the message
      concerns a special event at a local business or other places in our immediate area (no general advertising or blanket campaign messages).
    • Is the tone and demeanor of your message appropriate for a broad audience? Would you say the same things to your neighbor face-to-face? To your grandmother? Over the microphone at the SPCA Potluck?
    • What is the purpose of your message? Is it to communicate information or relate an experience that is relevant to our community or is it solely argumentative? Expressing an opinion (good or bad) about businesses or government services can be informative and appropriate, but ad hominem attacks on neighbors or public officials, particularly repeated ones, are not.
    • Have you included a descriptive subject line, included all important information in the body of your email, and identified yourself? Have you deleted extraneous material (e.g., the digest list of messages that have nothing to do with the message you are sending)? Many email group members do not receive attachments and will not click on forwarded web links without knowing who is sending them and why.

    Finally, a note on moderation. This email group is a lightly moderated one. New members' messages are automatically moderated, but most members' messages are not. It would be very time-consuming to moderate all messages, plus restricting message posting in that way would inhibit the openness of this group. However, members who are chronic flaunters of the usage guidelines will have their messages moderated, or in extreme cases, they will be removed from the group.

  • Lindsay Clark, Realtor® Profile

    Lindsay Clark

    Lindsay is a top-producing agent in the DC area and Principal of the Clark and Carle Group at Compass. Lindsay sells real estate in DC, MD and VA, working with buyers, sellers, and developers. Lindsay brings an analytical mind, sharp negotiation skills, and in-depth market knowledge to each transaction and she is a true partner and advocate for every client. Additionally, her professional and collaborative approach with colleagues keeps the process moving forward for her clients. Lindsay has won various awards, including Best of Washingtonian, Top Individual Agent at Compass, and GCAAR Recognition Awards.

    Prior to becoming a full-time Realtor, Lindsay had a successful career in public policy working on economic development, housing, and tax policy issues at the Brookings Institution, DC Fiscal Policy Institute, and the District’s Chief Financial Officer. Lindsay currently serves on the DC Association of Realtors Board of Directors and as the vice chair of the DCAR public policy committee. Lindsay lives in the Shepherd Park neighborhood of DC with her husband, four daughters, and two dogs. She loves running, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.

    Lindsay Clark Realtor® in DC | MD | VA
    Principal | Clark & Carle Group at Compass
    Compass Real Estate
    (202) 386-6330 office
    (202) 674-3918 mobile
    Website | E-Mail | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | Twitter

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