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Welcome to The National Conservatory of Arts—a community music school founded by pianist Jacqueline Banks. The School’s faculty and staff’s mission is to cultivate the musical potential in each student and foster a sense of musicianship and artistry. Whether you are beginning your musical journey, continuing a devoted practice and study, or rekindling a passion, we want to inspire your lifelong participation in music.

For almost a decade, the faculty of National Conservatory of Arts has offered an environment where music can flourish in all its aspects, enriching the lives of students of all ages and cultural backgrounds. The belief that music is a fundamental part of human life is at the center of our philosophy and mission.

Toward this end, the School offers varied and comprehensive opportunities to guide your study including: music for infants, music and art classes for young children, individual and group lessons for instrumentalists and singers of all ages, ensemble and performance opportunities, the high school certificate program, adult chamber music workshops, and evening and weekend concerts. Explore the offerings outlined in the pages that follow. Each is designed with the individual in mind, and each promotes musical growth—the development of knowledge, skills, and expressivity—within a vibrant, caring, and engaging school culture.

National Conservatory of Arts
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