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All Around Strong, LLC All Around Strong, LLC is a Washington, DC-based personal training & wellness brand that helps active people build functionally strong bodies and mental toughness.

James Dixon, BA, CPT, a personal trainer, and fitness and wellness professional, founded the brand in 2015 and brings over a decade of experience in personal training in the District. He has trained well over 1,000 in-person training sessions in his career thus far. In recent years, he has developed a niche in delivering his services outside of a traditional commercial studio, closing his commercial studio on Kennedy St. in NW DC in 2017, and now provides his services in a private training studio in Brightwood Park, NW DC. In addition, he provides nutrition coaching via the All Around Strong branded mobile app as well as mobile personal training also known as in-home personal training in the following areas of DC: Brightwood Park, Colonial Village, Fort Totten, Petworth, and Shepherd Park.

The active lifestyle of today calls for targeted, intuitive fitness support that often extends outside of the walls of a gym, something most training facilities simply aren’t able to provide.

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